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  1. Kathleen Hulser

    Marie’s story is so moving — incredible when they find her infant brother whimpering and naked under a pile of newspapers. Her thoughts on the generations of mothers show how strong this once abandoned young girl became, learning from her rough times and breaking the cycle of neglect in her own life. It’s amazing she was able to understand her mother, even as she recounts some excruciating experiences.

  2. Betty M Steele-Jones

    Relative: My sister- Alenia Steele
    14 years old listed on 16th census of US 1940 listed as an inmate
    Alenia born 1926, New York residence listed as Bartville, Ky (correct town is Beattyville, KY)
    Parents: Alevia Steele and Elmer Steele, lived in Binghamgton, Broome, NY
    Alenia is Now deceased:
    She may have given birth to a son, perhaps named Kenneth Steele, during residency.
    I am interested in any information you might be able to provide. Thank you

  3. Kathleen Hulser

    She kept running away from situations that hurt her, and so the system retaliated by hurting her more. Astonishing and yet familiar sequence of official actions.

  4. anonymous

    As a alumni of those environments, I recall at 12 hearing that I was incorrigible was concerning enough I looked up the word and took a confused examination of myself to understand its application to me. I still reflect on what could have been occurring to the extent that would have professionals deem a child incorrigible at such a young age. I am so thankful I did not allow that to become self fulfilling. Unfortunately, the term has ruined so many lives.

  5. Victoria

    Wish I had found this earlier for my Mom who passed away last December. She was at Hudson in the 1950’s. Wanted her to share her story but she didn’t, except with me. After getting her GED in the 70’s she went on to get her nursing license, then worked on a degree in Social Work all the way up to working on a doctorate. I was very proud of her. That was in addition to raising 4 children. Hudson was a mix of adventure and pain. Nothing she cared to share with family I guess. I felt sad watching this but glad a voice was given to the girls.