Marie’s Story



“[Cecil] said, well you were lucky you didn’t get sent where I was…at least you had foster homes. I said FOSTER HOMES you think they were any better than what you went through?”
– Marie P.



Marie shares how her mother Cecil was sent to the Training School in the 1920’s after being abandoned by her mother when she was five years-old. Neglect and abandonment have impacted Marie’s family across three generations, but she can now say that she has broken that cycle. 


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  1. Kathleen Hulser

    Marie’s story is so moving — incredible when they find her infant brother whimpering and naked under a pile of newspapers. Her thoughts on the generations of mothers show how strong this once abandoned young girl became, learning from her rough times and breaking the cycle of neglect in her own life. It’s amazing she was able to understand her mother, even as she recounts some excruciating experiences.

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