Your Incorrigible Story

Your Incorrigible Story // Share Your Experience


Have you been described as something you’re not? By a judge, the police, your teachers, your parents, or any other authority in your life? Have they tried to tell you that you’re a criminal or a delinquent; out of control, crazy, wild, disrespectful, or otherwise bad? We want to hear from you about the words that have been used to define and confine you, just what you think of them, and how you define yourself.

Please base your work off of one or both of these prompts:

1. Are there words that have been used to describe you in the system to attempt to define you? (For example: incorrigible, delinquent, disobedient, rude, wild, disruptive, criminal, difficult, etc.) Do you agree with them, why or why not? If you don’t agree with them, what are some words that you use to define yourself? 

2. What does ‘incorrigible’ mean to you?
You can write a short response, read a poem, sing a song, dance, draw, paint, sculpt, design– do whatever you want!– to show the world who you really are, and not who they say you are. All forms of media are welcome! If you would like to submit something other than writing, just say so below and we will contact you on how to get your work to us! 
You can also mail your ideas/project to: 
The Incorrigibles Project
76 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Incorrigibles is excited to be working with a number of organizations around the country that offer writing programs to formerly and currently incarcerated youth. Check out the most recent submissions from students at Spirit Awakening, a program based in Los Angeles. To learn more about Spirit Awakening, visit them at